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Passion predicted. Discover Fantasy F1 Online Manager

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Dive right into the neat and catchy gameplay as sign up takes less than 30 seconds. Enjoy Fantasy Manager for F1 on a new level just as you're used with fantasy premier league or fantasy football.

Simple and significant

Use your F1 knowledge to create the perfect fantasy team and earn the highest scores. Win fantasy prize money for your prediction skills fuelling your team budget. Take advantage of the transfer market with enhanced driver statistics as you see fit to make the most of your odds!
Team number competition
Proud member of #LH44? Or cheering for #SV5? Secure the most popular team numbers in F1om.com exclusively for your Fantasy F1 Team! All you need to do is to create a league (or as many as you like) and invite your family, friends and work mates to feel the heat of competition. The more, the merrier! Those managers with the most bustling league(s) of active co-managers will get rewarded.
Weather forecast for Austin
Q: Sat, October 27th - 20:00 UTC

R: Sun, October 28th - 20:10 UTC
Mexico City, Mexico
Motorsport quote
I am not designed to come second or third. I am designed to win.(Ayrton Senna)